Friday, May 6, 2011

Card For Mom!

Here is my card for my Mom. I cased a card from Kittie Kraft blog. She had a tutorial on making this wreath. I was just playing around and didn't follow all the directions so not near as pretty as hers. She also used the MS punch so I had to use these flowers and hers were smaller punched flowers and I really liked them better. I worked with what I had but I now own the punch. Here is the link to her tutorial. Her wreath is really beautiful. Thanks for stopping by today. I love reading all your comments and appreciate the time you take to leave one.

I am sorry the photo is so bad but I had to take it at night and just wanted to change my blog.

Someone is stealing cards off people's blogs and putting them on CD's and selling them. The CD that Mo Manning was showing on fb was of Sugar Nellie images. One of my cards was on the CD and I just wanted to say that lady should be ashamed of herself. Mo says that she says on her post that she has permission for every card which is not true, No one ask me. Everyone is pretty mad and so am I.


  1. Oh Linda! This is incredibly gorgeous! Wow! I am in awe of your work!

    ps .. I heard about that lady with selling the cd .. that's just plain ol AWFUL!!!! Terrible!!! Yes, she should be SO ashamed of herself!!!

    Big Hugs,

  2. Good morning Linda - your Mother's day card is beautiful - any Mom would love to be the recipient of such a gorgeous card. Thanks for the site for the tutorial. Good Lord, the news you share about the CD is incredible. I am shocked and disgusted to say the least. Let's end this comment on a better note - Love visiting your blog Linda, you are such a breath of fresh air.

  3. Hi Linda! Your wreath is lovely. Part of the fun of crafting is taking an idea you like and making it work with what you have! You did an awesome job of that!!

    And yes, that lady should be ashamed of herself!!

  4. Your Mother's Day card is absolutely gorgeous, Linda! Beautiful floral wreath! Thanks for your nice comments over on the CMC group! I don't know why you can't comment on my blog. I've got it set for anyone to comment. Weird. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Linda..I think you did an awesome job!! Grandma Hazel will love it. I can't wait to try it myself you made it look so pretty.

    It upset me when I read about this too and yes she should be ashamed of herself. I hope everything gets worked out about this.

    Happy Mother's Day!!! Love you.

  6. Linda, Beautiful job on your wreath. Love the colors and the trellis in the back. Your mother will love her card.
    Happy Mother's Day to you also.
    Hugs, Pat

  7. Lovely! I think your wreath turned out terrific! Sadly, I think I lack the patience for all that punching and gluing!

    I hadn't heard about the card theft...unbelievable!

  8. Your wreath is gorgeous, Linda....the colors, flowers, and butterflies are all sooo pretty!!!! I'm sorry about someone stealing your there some way you can add a watermark to your cards?? They usually look for cards without them. I wish I could add a fancy one ro my cards but my software or lack of won't let me.


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