Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For a friends birthday on Wish Rak

I recieved a call last night saying Jade is doing much better. I am really relieved to hear this good news. Maybe she will get out of the pediatrics ICU in a week they are saying. I hope so.

Glenn got his stitches out today and the Dr. said everything is doing fine and he could drive since his stiches were out. I think it is too soon but he hates me driving him around.

I am packing again for my trip. Hope I get to go cause Denise is telling me about this stamp store in Oregon that carries Magnolia stamps, Krafting Kimmie stamps and I think she said Stampavie. I have to go there. She says it is huge and carries tons of paper.


  1. I love this, it is so bright and cheery! That stamp store sounds like FUN, I hope you get to go! Glad the family is doing well....

  2. Awwww, what a darling little lamb...sooo cute!!!I am so glad little Jade is doing better....I bet your whole family is breathing a sigh of relief!! Sounds like your DH is on the mend, too...how wonderful!!! Wish I was going to that little stamp store with you...I can't wait to see what you buy!!!

  3. This is really sweet Linda.

    Stampavie and Krafting Kimmie stamps ??!! You lucky one, have fun shopping.

    Great that everyone in your familie is on the ment. Fantastic news.

  4. Adorable! Such a fun little lamb image and he really pops off the crisp white background with the gorgeous red accents!!

  5. Such a cute image. Love the layout you used here, too. Glad Jade and Glenn are both improving.


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