Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another simple fall card

This card is pretty plain but I liked how it turned out.

Most of you know my Mother has been back in the hospital but has improved again. I am a strong believer and know the credit all goes to God.

Since she has improved again and they say this could go on for about 6 months or a little less I have decided to go on and go on my trip. I have stayed at the hospital with her all day everyday and am already worn out. It is only an hour drive down an hour back each day but with the stress of not knowing if she would be OK or not I am tired. My kids say to go to Oregon and get a good rest knowing that it could be this way for awhile when I get home. My DH and stepdaughter and brother agree with my kids so am going to go and relax and have some fun, return and take care of my Mother as long as we have her. I leave on Sunday morning so probably won't post again for a few days.


  1. Linda, i like how it turned out. I like the leave wit all the pearls and the fall colors are great. Lovely Tilda too !!

  2. This is an adorable fall card! I like the simplicity of the background. Glad you decided to get some rest and take your trip. I always remind people of what they say on an airplane ... if the oxygen masks drop, put your own mask on before helping the younger or older person beside you!!! You need to be strong in order to take care of your mom in the coming days, weeks, and months!!! thinking of you!!!

  3. Very pretty! Love that leaf accent. I need to dig out this stamp before Autumn is over. Beautifully colored as usual! Enjoy your trip, you so deserve a break and I'm glad your dh and kids are encouraging you to go! Have a blast, stamp and shop til you drop!

  4. Beautiful DPs and Fall colors for this sweet Fall Tilda! Hope your mom continues to do well so you can enjoy your much-deserved vacation!!

  5. This is such a pretty fall design...I love the sweet little Tilda and the pearl leaf is gorgeous!!! I'm glad you decided to go to a care giver, you need to take care of yourself, too!!!


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