Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For Kyndra

This card is for another great grandaughter Kyndra. Hope she likes it. I love these cute little witches.

I have changed my flight plans until Oct. 4th to see how my husband, Glenn does. He is back in the hospital with more blockage and they are trying another type treatement tomorrow so will see if it works. If he is ok I will still go and if theings don't work out of course I'll stay home with him.


  1. This is very cute Linda ! I like the DP - it fits so fantastic.

    Sorry, to hear this about your DH. I keep my fingers crossed for his health and your flight plans. Hugs !

  2. What an adorable card Linda! I'm sure Kyndra will love it. Prayers for your DH, hoping he has a speedy recovery. Hugs XX

  3. Adorable, Linda! Your coloring is beautiful and I love that DP!


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