Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cards for the Troops!

This was the first challenge on the WRAK Falling Leaves Cards for The Troops. It was to make a child's birthday card that they could send home to their child. They can't go out and buy cards in Afganistan or Iraq so they need all we can send them. It's great fun to do this for them.

Today is a day to Remember our fallen heroes in PA, Washington D.C. and NYC. I'm off to church for a special prayer service for the families. I'm hearing fireworks all over town right now. I didn't know they would be doing this. It doesn't seem like 10 years has passed.


  1. Hi Linda
    I have been watching the sept 11 memorial service and how very sad. Even 10 years later still so much suffering!!!! I would like to send cards also, if you have a minute can you give me the information when I clicked on your post it doesn't tell me how and where to send them!!!! Also your card is fabulous and one child will be so very happy to recieve it. Your very kind to be doing this and I have so many cards and would like to put them to good use.. Thanks again
    God Bless

  2. Linda - this is such a cute card and a great idea for our military. I am going to save this site for future reference. My oldest grandson is a marine. Such a wonderful idea!

  3. This card is just too cute. The colors are so wonderful nice and happy. Great card.
    Hugz, Pat

  4. Love the bright summer colors on this one!!


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