Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall card and Baby Jade

A photo of me and baby Jade the night before I left for Oregon. The other is a fall card that I made before I left. I am coming home from my trip today. It has been a wonderful 2 weeks but know I need to get home. My Mother and DH need me there and looking forward to seeing them and my other children.


  1. Linda Jade is just adorable and look at you :)
    Your card is to cute and your coloring is just getting so good ! Glad you had a great trip.

  2. Mom,
    I am so glad you came out. I want to thank you for all you did for me while you were out. I know that now that you are home, you will worry about Grandma, I do know you worried while out here. I want whats best for her, as we talked on the phone, I will continue to pray for her, but the selfish side of me wants to see her again. I love you and will see you in less than 2 weeks!

  3. Lovely card! Your shadow is just are so talented with your coloring....

  4. Beautiful Card, Linda and Baby Jade is such a sweetie !!

  5. Awwww, what a beautiful baby, Linda...I am so glad she is doing well!!! Your card is gorgeous, too....your coloring is spectacular and I love how you added the leaf!!!!

  6. glad you had a great trip, babe is beautiful, so is the card!!


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